Google Sitemap

Create A Shoppe Advanced makes it easy for you to create a sitemap of your store and upload it to Google.
This tutorial assumes you have already verified your website and signed up for the Google’s Webmaster Tools.

  1. Go to Extensions =>Product Feeds
  2. Click install next to Google Sitemap
  3. Click Edit and change the status to Enabled
  4. Copy the “Data Feed URL” and click “Save

Google Sitemap

  1. Now log into your Google Webmaster Tools account
  2. Choose the site you have set up for your shopping cart in Webmaster Tools
  3. Click on “Site Configuration” in the left menu pane and then select “Sitemaps
  4. Select the “Submit a Sitemap” button

Submit Sitemap

5. Paste the Google Site Map URL in the box. Be sure to remove the first part of the URL (your domain) or it will not work. Example: index.php?route=feed/google_sitemap

And Click “Submit Sitemap


Your sitemap has been submitted to Google.