A payment gateway is a service that allows you to accept credit card payments securely online through your store. Create A Shoppe works with many different payment gateways. In addition to payment gateways Create A Shoppe allows COD, money order, cash on delivery, free checkout and more.

  1. From your admin go to Extensions => Payments (You’ll find extensions in your admin by clicking the gear icon in the far right corner of your screen to open the right side menu.)
  2. Click Edit to configure each of the payment methods you’d like to use

Editing payment methods in the administration for different transaction processors, like Paypal, will require a previously created account. The account and payment information should be obtained from these companies prior to editing the payment method in the administration. You will need to create an account with these companies to use their transaction processing with Create A Shoppe The information required for each payment method will be displayed in the Edit section. Across payment methods, there are a few details that are consistently asked for:

  • Order Status: a default status of an order once the payment module has completed. Pending is considered one of the best default statuses because it gives the administrator some leeway to process the order.
  • Status: Disables or enables the payment method.
  • Sort Order: the position of the payment method in the store front when listed among all the available payment method

Enabling a payment method in the administration will make it available in the Checkout. In during checkout, the customer will be given the option to select their preferred payment method.

After the customer has confirmed the order, they can visit their Order History in their Account page to view its status. Immediately after checkout, the status will display the default order status you selected when editing the payment method details. In the screenshot below, you may chose “Pending” as the order status.

Follow the steps below to start accepting paypal payments

1. Go to Extensions and click Payments in your Admin
2. Click the edit button next to Paypal Standard

On the General Tab:
The EMAIL field at the top of the screen is the only mandatory field.

The following explains each additional option:

Sandbox mode: Allows you to test the payment gateway
Transaction method: This is either an authorization of a payment or the completion of a sale (Paypal can be just a payment authorizer, or also track and process the sale) Sale is the most common selection.
Debug Mode: Provides more text to help troubleshoot issues
Transaction Method: Choose Authorization or Sale
Total : This is total amount that the order must meet before the payment method can be used
Geo Zone: Indicates the zone that this payment method will be active
Status: Indicates if the option is active and available for use
Sort Order: Allows you to determine the order in which payment options will appear for the customer (not applicable if Paypal is your only payment method)

On the Order Status Tab:

Go through each of these options and determine the setting by clicking on each item’s drop down menu.

There are also 10 different order statuses that can be set in the configuration. Each of these order states can be selected as the default selection status of the ten listed order statuses. These definitions depend on the items you allow to be processed in your store (and if they are processed a particular way). For example, it’s possible that you have a failed status and the default order status would be VOIDED. This same process maybe different with other stores, but it depends on how you process these situations.
Here is a quick breakdown of each field:

Canceled Reversal Canceled charge reversal
Completed Completed charge
Denied Charge denied
Expired Expired card- could not be charged
Failed Failed charge
Pending Awaiting processing of charge
Processing Charge in the middle of being processed
Refunded Amount being refunded to customer
Reversed Charge being reversed on order
Voided Charge voided – meaning it no longer exists
Click on the drop-down to select the default status of each order field.

Once you have completed determining the status defaults and the other configuration options in Step 4, click on SAVE in the top right hand corner to complete the process and save your entries.