Subscriber List

Import, Export and Manage your newsletter subscribers right from your store administration area. Go to Newsletter and click on Subscriber List to get started.

Create Shoppe’s Newsletter manager includes an Import feature that allows you to add a list of newsletter subscribers of any size.

To import your subscriber list you’ll first need to download the example file to determine how to format your list to so that it imports correctly.

  1. Click the Import Subscribers button in the top left area of your screen.
  2. Next click the Download Sample File button in the upper left corner. (the XLS file will automatically be downloaded to your computer)
    Example File Button
  3. Now that you have the file open it using Excel or word/note page or any program that will allow to view and edit the XLS file.
  4. Format your subscriber list like the example file or move your subscribers to the example file.
  5. When your file is formatted and complete save it and you’re ready to import it into your subscriber list.
  6. To import click on Subscriber list then the Import File button
  7. Locate the list of subscribers on your computer and upload the file

If your upload is successful your subscribers will now be added under Newsletter > Subscriber List.

If you attempt to include subscribers already on your list the system will automatically reject those and an error notifying you will appear on the page. If the format of your XLS file is incorrect you will get a pop up box with an error in it. Please try to reformat your file and upload it again or email for assistance.

To export your subscriber list click on Newsletter then Subscriber List. Next click the Export Subscribers button in the upper left area of your screen. The XLS file of all subscribers will be downloaded to your computer to your designated download folder. If your subscriber list is large please allow time for it to download completely before exiting the page.

Export Subscribers

  1. To edit a subscriber click the small button with the Pencil Icon under action for the Subscriber you’d like to make changes to.
  2. In the new window that pops up you can edit the Subscriber Account type and Status. You can not change the email address subscribed or subscriber name. The subscriber would need to re-subscribe with the name or new email address if they need to update and then you can delete the outdated subscriber info but selecting it and clicking the delete button (red trash can icon).